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es::Pokémon TCG Lata Summer 2022 (Modelo aleatorio en inglés)

Pokémon TCG Lata Summer 2022 (Modelo aleatorio en inglés)

REBAJAS2023 En inglés. Pokémon TCG. En inglés. Lata Summer 2022.

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Hailing from the ancient region of Hisui, a trio of partner Pokémon with unique strengths are eager to join your deck! With this Divergent Powers Tin, you can choose the keen eye of Hisuian Decidueye V, whose Close-Quarters Shooting does damage regardless of any effects on your opponent's Active Pokémon. Or pick the fearsome Hisuian Typhlosion V and its Petrifying Flame, who does 120 damage and forces your opponent to reveal a card from their hand before shuffling it back into their deck. There's also the mighty Hisuian Samurott V and its Shadow Slash attack that does an impressive 180 damage but requires you to discard an Energy from the Pokémon.

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