es::Marvel Crisis Protocol: Sentinels MK4 (Inglés)

Marvel Crisis Protocol: Sentinels MK4 (Inglés)

En Inglés. Atomic Mass. Para el juego de miniaturas Marvel Crisis Protocol

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The deadly Sentinels arrive in Marvel: Crisis Protocol to hunt mutants! A new breed of powerful war machines, Mark IV Sentinels are designed to eradicate mutants with their electric and plasma blasts, catch-web cables, and extraordinary physical strength. This pack adds one relentless Mark IV Sentinel ready to reinforce the new Sentinels Affiliation to players’ squads. In addition to its built in armaments and programming, this Sentinel is supplemented by three Team Tactic cards that give it even mores to work with its robotic brethren and the mummudrai Cassandra Nova.

14/10/2022 puede variar
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